• CrossFit changed my life.

    That is really the simplest way to describe what CrossFit has done for me. To make a long story short I always worked out but it wasn’t until after I graduated college that

    Michael Rosano
  • It has been almost 2 and a half years since I started Crossfit at CFCLI. I started with the on-ramp class at 10:30 in January, 2012 because I figured I needed to change something up because there was definitely

  • I’ve been a member of Crossfit Central LI since January 2013.  I originally tried Crossfit because I was looking to add a cardio component to my workout.  I’ve always enjoyed

    Jen Sinigaglia
  • In December of 2013, after over two years of pain and misdiagnoses, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.  Yeah, I know.  Not what I expected at 41.

    Alison Sheltrown
  • Today is my 62nd birthday. I can’t believe it, either.

    I joined CrossFit at age 60, actually, I was almost 61; after 40 years in conventional gyms. (I asked Chris if I could be 50 and he said okay)!

  • A little bit than 2 months ago I made a decision to join the Crossfit Central LI, barely knowing that it would completely change the way I look at life in the blink of an eye!

    I had heard

    Deborah Souza
  • I thought I was out of my mind when I first met Chris at 7am for an ‘OnRamp’ class. The only thing I did at 7am was roll over in bed to the other side !  I don’t know who was crazier…me for being there

  • I know it’s kinda early to say anything, since I’ve been doing Crossfit for only 2 months…But I can assure with all my body and soul that in only 2 months some friends are stopping me on my tracks to

    Deborah Garay
  • This is how Crossfit and the Paleo Diet would change my life forever !

    About 5 years ago, just after my 45th birthday my daughter Alyssa told me about a new “gym” that her and her friends had just

    Phil Calderone
  • To Chris, Jay and the rest of the CrossFit Central Staff,

    The past 3 weeks have been awesome! I can’t thank you guys enough for making training fun again!

    As you guys know Ive played

    Jon I.